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🎃Get ready for an electrifying extravaganza! Hold onto your hats and carve out some time because the NH Pumpkin Festival is back and bigger than ever! It's time to circle the date, secure your accommodations, and rally your squad-whether they're ghostly ghouls, ace cornhole players, enthusiastic shoppers, foodie connoisseurs, or pumpkin admirers. This year, the festival is bursting with new surprises, promising an unforgettable experience for all who dare to join. From leisurely strolls to scenic drives or even a boat ride adventure, there's no wrong way to immerse yourself in the magic of autumn in NH's Lakes Region. So, come one, come all, and bask in the mesmerizing glow as we unveil the ultimate celebration of fall across Laconia!🍁



Laconia Daily Sun
The Hawk Rocks

Pumpkin Patrons

All Brite Cleaning & Restoration Inc, Boulia Gorrell, WB Media, Fireside Inn & Suites, Shaws, In Memory of John Peavey 

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